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Our organization operates in the general domain of financial education. This latter is an aptitude to identify and know better the economical and financial language. It is also, through the training, information, good and disinterested advice, the mean for the consumer of the financial product to be able to invest by knowing the risks and real potential of the financial domain in which he wishes to get into.

Based on the fact that it shows many types of actions made and initiated by our organization:

Considering that it is sector which highly technical and sensible, forasmuch there is financial flow, we initiate training sessions to have control over the rudiments of investments in the stock exchange market, and the stock exchange market language etc…

In view of what the activity area of the stock exchange market in general is a provider of full time or short time job. We mobilize the intelligential knowledge like student in economics, finance or accounting to have more interest to this activity area.

The fact that the stock exchange market in general is an income provider we mobilize and working for the awakening of the conscience on the potential of remuneration for the subscribers, the shareholders. It could be actions towards the population in general, and particularly towards the employees of companies which are in the stock exchange market, who sometimes are not aware of it.

There are also activities which concern our friendly and constructive helping system which is planned only among members and the membership is free; which means you can be a member of our organization without being part of this helping system. The most important thing for the one who operates in our helping system is that he has alternative financial means that enable him to increase his share wallet.