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OUKAMI is an NGO of Ivorian legally constituted, under the number N° 347/MEMIS/DGAT/DAG/SDVA according to the law n° 60-315 of September 21st 1960. Its aim is to fight against poverty.

  • Encouraging populations and the members to entrepreneurship in general and to invest in the domain of stock exchange market in particular
  • Training of the members to the basics of investment in the stock exchange market
  • Mutual aid and solidarity among the members through its program called PROFITABLESHARE

The OUKAMI NGO can be proud of having in its midst members dispatched in all the countries of the West African Monetary Union, also in Central Africa and in Europe.

Our concern by creating this group is to enable the general public to know all the interest that they can have by investing in the stock exchange market in the 14 countries of the West African Monetary Union (UEMOA), in Central Africa, then in the medium term in all African stock exchange market and worldwide.

In the other hand, we have dividends, speculation to profit from the capital gain and it is not all. Investing in stock exchange market is the surest heritage that you can leave to your children; it is a powerful mean to boost our national and African economies. 

What makes our organization beautiful, it is the intelligence of the system put in place and which enable our members to collect founds and later invests them in our stock exchange markets.